Buliding a research service

Things to consider. 

  • Longer-term developing data scientists
  • developing new teams, from existing staff and new staff. What do indeed to do to make them work tightly together?
  • what areas should be created? Data, research rigs, HPC, cloud, DevOps, RSE
  • succession planning, how to continue developing people in these roles.
  • Will we be able to recruit to these roles, or do we need to invest in developing our own talent? 
  • Can we improve the pay structure and have senior technical roles?
  • what type of skills do our commercial partners interested in? Big data, devops, data scientist, data engineers? How do we develop these in our service?


What should I build? What to people want? Where is the governance to provide the listening capabilities to understand what others want and how this can be delivered. 


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